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Experts since 1919

Founded as a forge in the year of 1919 in Iserlohn, Germany, Röttgers Ketten has evolved into a renowned specialist for the production of high quality chains that meet the highest standards. The family business is producing standard or highly specific individual chains from high quality wires with more than 60 employees. The scope of the production comprises of stainless steel chains, sling chains, wire bending and heat treatment.


Our history

Partial change to machinery chain production

Acquisition and move to production facilities of formerly existing chain manufacturer Gustav Wilke, Grüne/Wesft.

Expansion of the production facilities

Management takeover by Paul Röttgers

Construction of a high bay warehouse for chains

Renaming of August Röttgers OHG to Röttgers Ketten GmbH & Co. KG. Management by Paul and Peter Röttgers

Construction of a new dispatch hall including central warehouse

Commissioning of a modern, fully automated hardening plant

Expansion of the manufacturing range up to 16mm wire-diameter

We are Röttgers Ketten

That´s what we´re proud of 

When the family business was founded, there were nine chain factorys in Iserlohns Grüne district. Röttgers Ketten has remained, all the others closed over the years. We are producing chains from wire with diameters from 3 to 16 millimeters. For many different industries, from shopping cart to mining, as well as wire bending parts. About 45 per cent from a years production are exported to worldwide destinations.

Locally strong

A statement for the region.

In Iserlohn, Grüne district, nine chain forges existed when August Röttgers was established in 1919. Röttgers Ketten is the only one that is left. For that reason we feel a strong connection and obligation to the district and the region.  

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